Anti Bird Netting, Birds Net Installation Services

You have a lovely balcony or a wonderful window view and yet tired of bird droppings and roosting?

Let us help you solve the problem!!

Bird netting is a very eco-friendly way of keeping away the airborne pests including small and large birds out of the places you don’t want them to be hovering. Anti Bird Net is one of the most easily available and efficient way to ward off the bird population especially pigeons, sparrows and crows.

We provide long lasting and highly durable bird netting services in Surat. Customers use our Anti Bird Netting Services at varied locations – Bunglows, residential and office buildings, temples, churches, mosques, etc. Fields and farms for crop protection i.e prevent harvest damage or stealing Over water reservoirs to prevent feeding of aquatic fishes Our bird nets can easily be used, reused, moved or stored without damaging the netting.

Anti Bird Netting

Features & Benefits of Bird Netting Installation

Our UPS bird netting is most effective when used to keep birds out of specific areas. It is a physical barrier to block birds. Our product comprises of –

  1. Plastic Oriented net Great for small birds Weather and UV resistant
  2. Knotted 1 inch netting Great for Small Birds Extremely Pliable for Installation Great for Fabrication
  3. Knotted 1 ¾ netting Great for large birds Long lasting strength

Benefits of Installing Anti Bird Nets / Bird Netting

  • Immediate solution – birds will be forced to move on to another location, stopping the damage they were causing to your property.
  • Customizable – our bird specialists can custom install the netting to meet your property’s specifications.
  • Guaranteed – Ultrapest netting provides a 3 year guarantee.
  • Cost-effective – Long-term control without harming the birds. We will also be able to recommend the best solution to deal with pest birds in your business.

As much as they are a sight to watch flying, bird roosting is no less than a havoc! It poses a stinky, gooey mess that may cause diseases and allergies/asthma. They affect the aesthetics of the building making it look very unclean and smell terrible. 

The birds damage floor and roofs, drainpipes, vents, condensing units of AC placed on the outer side causing harm to the machine. We offer the best pest control and bird netting services in India. We use the best quality netting material as well as we follow standard procedures of bird netting installation.

Customized Bird Netting Solutions

Birds and fleas may pose a health hazard. Birds are able to socialize trees in addition to other plant life and generate substantial quantities of excrement. The the crystals within these clogs are not only bothersome; they truly are ready to build and rust paints, metals alongside different substances and so on add upto high priced repairs. Their main role from the bird get a handle on location is to maintain pest birds from roosting and consequently easily fit from the”roost inhibitor” type of bird control solutions.

We also create customised netting design that suits our customer premises and their demands with proper site inspection. Our technicians are highly skilled to provide you with the highest customer delight through our maximum effort. Contact our pest control team for our professional bird netting experts help.

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