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Kills 99.9% of Germs

Proper sanitation requires 4 – 8 min for the sanitizer to do complete its cycle to disinfect. Total Commercial Solutions Cleaning Division uses Electrostatic Sprayers to help disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in public spaces, like the Skytrain or public buses as part of how we can help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and other germs causing illness. With our sprayers, you can rest assure that your disinfecting solution is entirely enveloping all surfaces whether they’re shadowed, vertical or underneath your appliances.

With the electronics in it, it helps stick to the product that is it disinfecting, so it sticks to the surface, without running off. This way you can assure you are 99% sanitized that 99% of germs will be disinfected.

Conventional and traditional cleaners or “All In One” disinfectant solutions only stick to the surface of and the solution doesn’t surround itself around the item being cleaned or disinfected.

Thanks to the benefits of electrostatic disinfecting and sanitation, the amount of chemicals required for the cleaning process is reduced as well. Eliminating bacteria without the use of harmful cleaning chemicals can go a long way towards preserving the overall health of students at school or daycare, patients and visitors in nursing homes and hospitals, and workers in commercial offices. In fact, statistics have shown that contagious illnesses in commercial properties that have not been adequately disinfected and sanitized can cause nearly 8 sick days from office employees, and an extra 4 student sick days each year. In addition, regular disinfecting and sanitation services can go a long way towards reducing odours as well as cross contamination, leaving you with a top to bottom clean in virtually any high traffic commercial property.

To find out more about how Total Commercial Solutions can improve the health and cleanliness of your commercial property with our complete disinfecting and sanitation services, be sure to contact us to request a quote. You can also inquire about our other quality cleaning services that will help keep your property looking its best at all times. Contact us today to get started!

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Disinfecting and Sanitation in Surat

In order to maintain a clean and healthy environment in any commercial setting, it is vital to ensure your cleaning service is using proper cleaning tools and techniques for disinfecting and sanitation. While there is an increased awareness of the importance of hand washing, the risk of infection by coming into contact with surfaces in public areas is actually on the rise. Public and commercial properties in particular are prone to seeing germs and bacteria build up in a short period of time. This is largely due to the high number of people entering and leaving these places each day. While it may seem obvious that a place like a hospital or a nursing home will require a disinfecting and sanitation service, the same is true for places like daycares, offices, schools and gyms as well. To preserve the cleanliness of your commercial or public property, and the health of the people within, you can arrange for top quality commercial disinfecting and sanitation services from Total Commercial Solutions.

At Total Commercial Solutions, our team of expert commercial cleaners have the right tools and skills to take your cleaning standards to the next level. We can provide top to bottom disinfecting and sanitation for your entire property. Not only will our staff handle the dirt and mess that is visible, thanks to our advanced sanitation equipment, we can also tackle the germs and bacteria you can’t see! With help from electrostatic spray cleaners and other top quality commercial cleaning products, we can drastically reduce the amount of illness causing germs that end up in the air and on surfaces at your property. No matter how extensive your sanitation and disinfecting needs may be, Total Commercial Solutions is ready to handle the job.